Testimonials From Kefir101 Readers

  • Thanks Giselle, I have been spreading the kefir benefits all over Trinidad. My entire family is on it daily. I make 2 liters every other day. I have lost 15 lbs, feels very good.
  • My kefir is growing great...I feel healthier and everybody said I look younger nowadays...I am so happy thanks to Giselle...
  • I have been using your Pancake Recipe ever since I got it. For the record, I keep trying other recipes and have to end up throwing everything away. I keep coming back to this one = my all time favorite. I love this one so much. I also have so many pancakes left over that I usually freeze a big bag of them.. by the way...I soak my Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose flour (because I am gluten intolerant) and the kefir over night. Then add all of the rest of the ingredients. Walah...I have the best!
  • Kefir is working great. I have noticed an improvement in my digestive problems...
  • I make kefir using coconut milk and I would just put the kefir grains in dairy milk afterwards for a day to keep them alive. For example, I keep two sets of kefir grains on hand, and when one is making my coconut milk into kefir, the other set will be sitting in some cows milk to keep them from dying. Then after 24 hours when the coconut kefir is done, I put those grains in dairy milk and use the others to start a fresh batch of coconut milk kefir. Works great for me
  • ... I loved the fact that it was healthy and GOOD for you---my husband loves it because he loved having a glass of "buttermilk" now and then and I use it for all sorts of baking and cooking---AND I have a friend whose daughter has many digestive and bowel problems and had given her some kefir milk months ago--and just today I gave her some of my kefir grains and got her started making her own kefir milk and kumbucha tea---so I am passing the word around about your site because before giving her the kefir grains I printed off some information from your site with the URL printed and told her to check it out for more information.
  • Thank you for great articles. I am telling all my friends...how Kefir helped me. Not many know about Kefir. I am very happy that I have lifetime Kefir grains now. Thanks again. I will wait for the next e-mail from you.
  • Thank you for the lesson on kefir. I started making it about a month ago. My husband and I both love kefir and started drinking a little every day and slowly increasing it and now we each drink a couple of glasses a day and use it in recipes. We just got the water kefir grains and are going to try that also. 
  • Just wanna say your article is very helpful. A friend of mine introduced kefir to me and have been sharing her kefir drinks with me. I love and enjoy drinking it so much and I super appreciate how it has changed my body. Somehow I feel more energized and….cleansed. I don’t know if it’s psychological haha. Now I’m going to try making my own kefir grains from the ones my friend gave me. I have been contemplating on whether using milk is better than water. It’s good to know the things I’ve learned from your article. Now I can decide on what base to use for my kefir grains. I’m going with milk since I’m not lactose intolerant and I’ve been hearing that it tastes better, plus it has more health benefits, right?
  • I have kefir grains and are very healthy. I'm thankful so thankful I found you.
  • I am happy with my Kefir. Thank you. I have noticed some positive things. Started to loose weight before Kefir use, but overall have moist about 30 pounds, hair grows faster, more energy, less appetite, blood work shows lots of improvement with help of vitamins. By the way, have cut my vitamin usage in half. No longer take a multi, no longer take a vitamin b complex, calcium, don't worry about a multi mineral anymore either. Pretty interesting stuff.
  • Thanks a bunch for the info you have been sending. I am a 70 year old "geezer" who has always been very careful about her diet but strangely enough, have never tried kefir. I am anxious to receive your grains and to begin experimenting with it. (One is never too old to learn.) Keep your info coming and know that I appreciate your dedication to a healthy diet and the time you invest in sharing your knowledge.
  • I should be thanking YOU! Kefir is a GREAT product and I'm loving it! I'm very fortunate that I'm enjoying the taste and I would have had more if it wasn't fattening :-) Thanks for all of your good work.
  • Having started to use Kefir and cutting out gluten, I don't know which (or both?) is helping me . . . but 8 days into this and my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is already responding with a very pleasing improvement. I am thrilled.
  • Our small circle of friends went through a kefir stage about 2 years ago - when one of our friend's child battled Crohn's. She almost died actually - and they turned to natural healing and probiotics for help. There testimony is amazing, as their daughter shows no signs of Crohn's at this time! She drank kefir daily - and they shared their kefir grains with anyone who wanted some... Thanks for helping to inform the public - a generous deed!
  • Thanks for the kefir information…very interesting…it has worked wonders on my digestive tract…no more bowel problems.
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